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Clarence Williams, Oakland, Ca
BodyShock NGT …Just one of these little red tablets and BAM I am pumped! They are super fast acting, like in 6 minutes, and it works literally all freaking day. AND… for less than a buck! It’s all natural and it’s healthy. I turned my entire staff onto this stuff… AND my girl says I’m rockin’ her world every night AND… mornings too!”

Dr. Sam Schwartz, Las Vegas, Nv
“Finally, a thermogenic product that actually does what it claims. I take one of these tablets every mourning with my breakfast. It gives me energy to work some days late into the night. It helps my focus and attention to details. NGT gives me the energy late in the afternoon to hit the gym. BodyShock NGT also really curbs my appetite and I think I’m a few pounds thinner and leaner. Thanks!”

Miranda L., Lakeville Mn (Fitness Model)
“After having a child it’s difficult to keep your weight in check. I feel BodyShock NGT offers the right ingredients to keep my weight in balance; it helps me increase my energy during and after my work day. it helps me increase my energy at the beginning of my day and also helps me push through some pretty intense workouts. I also love the appetite control as it works better than anything I’ve ever tried.”

Jason E., Florida (Professional Body Builder)
“Dieting for my show was one of the hardest things i have ever done. It took a lot out of me mentally and physically. I began using EdgeX HGH and Testosterone to give me the edge. I needed to stay physically strong while battling with the intense mental toughness it takes to stay on track and win bodybuilding shows. EdgeX gave me that extra BOOST during my workouts. I have never been so pumped,”

Lewis Lofton, Utah (Professional Basketball Player)
“I’ve never used a product that hits me so fast and gives me strength in a single pill when I wake up in the morning that I can feel when I train like EdgeX Testosterone. In all my years as a pro basketball player, I’ve never found a product like this. Power, strength and stamina. I’m in the best shape of my life. People I train with are seeing me get more shredded.”

Jules Lambert, Arkansas (Professional Power Lifter)
“First 2 days I noticed my veins and capillaries looked fuller. My complexion looks great and my workouts have gotten so intense that I have had to reduce the time of each workout. I feel stronger and have more energy then I used to when I was boxing. Thank you EdgeX HGH!”

Rick Burlington, Virginia
“…My doctor recommended an anti-aging regiment of EdgeX HGH and EdgeX Testosterone… I have been using EdgeX for over 2 months now and I have to say the results are nothing less then AMAZING! Big time energy, dropped a few pouds and I’m back in the gym again…. The biggest difference is in the bedroom. My girlfriend says I’m a machine again!”

Dr. Erik O., Minneapolis MN
“Quality control is extremely important to me on behalf of my patients and my research lead me to EdgeX Nutrition having the best homeopathic hormone replacement products I’ve seen on the market. I’ve seen miraculous results in clients using EdgeX HGH while helping them heal torn ligaments, tendons and in joints. I’ve seen mood improvements and also many other benefits.”

Jackie W., Ca – Age 38 (Mrs. Idaho America)
“I’m 38 years old with 5 children. I’m very involved in health and fitness. I love Vital Woman because it makes me feel the balance and confidence I need all month long. I feel like my hair, nails and skin are healthier. My training is better, and I have a lot of energy all day long. Thanks EdgeX Vital Woman

Farah M., Age 25 (Miss Davis County)
“I absolutely love EdgeX Vital Woman! It gives me energy and helps me sustain it throughout the day. My body recovers from my intense workouts much quicker than before I took the product. My skin is softer and clearer than ever before. I love it!”

Michael W.
“This BodyShock NGT is giving me amazing energy all day but really I love the additional clarity of mind and focus that I get. I’m serious ADD and this stuff lets me stay very focused and alert. I have already noticed a consistent increase in productivity. I am accomplishing tons more than I normally do. That is miracle pill and I must have it.”

Mike R., Focus Nutrition – Golds Gym (Affiliate)
“I’ve been using EdgeX HGH and Testosterone myself and have felt amazing on it. I sell it to my customers rather than other products because “It Works”! I sold over 70 bottles my first month adding over $3500 in gross revenue.”

Michelle R.
“After an 8.5 trail run (and I’m used to the even pavement of half marathons, not uneven sandy hills) in the 85 degree Houston humidity, I was completely exhausted and totally hungry. I took a BodyShock NGT and within 15 minutes my appetite had subsided. Within 30 minutes I felt ready to hit the gym. I could tell that my concentration levels were higher (even higher than if I hadn’t worked out at all!), and I went from being completely wiped out, to feeling totally fresh and ready for my next workout. After trying this, I’ll never touch another supplement again! Thank you, EdgeX!”