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EdgeX gives you the ability to do something you’ve never been able to do...


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EdgeX is a complete hospital tracking system that can be easily installed and deployed within hours. No IT resources required.

Tracking tags are the size of a dime and only $1. That means anything and everything can be tracked, monitored, and evaluated instantly. It also means compliance monitoring is easier, more efficient, and cost less.

Do you know where your equipment, people, and resources are right now?


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The Old Way Isn’t Working

Old tracking systems had large tracking tags and monitoring nodes that required costly installation, expensive IT support, wire pulls, and limited battery life.

Clunky systems like this allowed hospitals to track just a few of their most costly items. It was more of a hassle than a benefit.



Spatial Awareness

Know where everything is in your hospital to within a few feet. You’ll know how frequently it moves, when it moves, how far it moves, and when it was last moved.

Compliance Reporting

EdgeX turns compliance monitoring and reporting from a timely and costly task to an automated, real-time data feed that can be observed, analyzed, and improved.

Guaranteed Performance

EdgeX is guaranteed to improve the productivity and profitability of your hospital and work for years without issues. It’s affordable enough to install at no risk.

Small and Affordable

Our tracking tags are significantly smaller than the current tags available from our competitors. Each tag is only $1 so you can track everything, not just expensive equipment.

Minimal Maintenance

Tracking tags have a battery life of two years and peel and stick anchor point nodes can last up to ten years. No IT or Facilities required for installation or maintenance.

Advanced Reporting

Get both real-time and periodic inventory reports and see patterns of how and when equipment is used. You can see how much time is wasted searching for and retrieving items.

Size, Battery Life, and Cost


Easy to Install.
Easy to Use.

Easy to Install. Easy to Use.

Peel-and-Stick Nodes

Smaller than the Competition

Completely Wire-Free

Years of Battery Life, Not Months.

One Meter Accuracy

Secure Cellular Connection

EdgeX Wall Node


How much time is wasted looking for items in your hospital?

We can confidently guarantee EdgeX will positively impact your bottom line because time = money.

No more digging through an inventory closet for hours only to discover the item was “loaned” out to another department.

No more expensive labor to change batteries every few months.

No more canceling surgeries because you don’t have what you need when you need it.

No more running from room to room looking for an item or not knowing how many you have available.

iPad with App

Getting started is easy!

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Simple Installation

There’s no need for IT or Facilities to install and use EdgeX. That means it’s extremely affordable to install and try out.

Real-time Data

With the nodes and tags in place you’ll start getting deeper insights and valuable information, such as compliance data, like you’ve never had before.

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